World experience


Electronic school record book is no longer a myth ... is a reality!
The last five years around the world have become the key in the development of the educational system. Everywhere we meet the computerization of schools, distance learning is being implemented, multimedia technology are being increasingly used.
Today's students often do not seek information in books and encyclopaedias, they seek on various Internet resources that are more informative and convenient. They do not communicate via paper mail, they communicate via sms-messages and e-mails.
Computer labs connected to the Internet, greatly enhanced the ability of teachers to prepare for lessons and provided with opportunities to interact more effectively with pupils and their parents.
And parents do not have to go to school to find out about the progress of their child. It is enough to use sms-diary of the child to know all news about his/her his school life.
An electronic diary WORLDWIDE replaces a paper diary.
Great Britain: effort to non-attendance.
In 2004, about one hundred English schools was connected to the information system that allowed parents to receive SMS, by voicemail and e-mail the information about the school activities of their children. Then, similar systems were successfully tested in Wales and Ireland. According to the management of schools, the adoption of electronic information systems had become necessary because the entries to the diaries and letters to parents is outdated and inefficient way of communication. And the parents themselves reacted to them with great enthusiasm. Getting the information constantly about the whereabouts of a child, they can protect him from the negative influence of the street.
In early 2005, the Minister of Education of Scotland, Peter Peacock announced that he would introduce at schools a new method to effort to shirking. The information system was installed in more than half of Scottish schools. "Pupils who do not go to school pay a high price for this. Impairing their school results, they thereby prejudice their future career and miss many chances in life. All this forced us to implement actively the school informational program. "
United Arab Emirates: Informing on the written tests and examinations.
In November 2003, the state cellular operator of UAE launched a new SMS-service "Mobile School", which allowed parents to learn quickly all information about the child's education. Schools are using the sms-messages to inform parents about results of tests and examinations, to warn about absence of the child in school, as well as to send remarks on behaviour and important information.
Similar service also exists for students. Via receiving SMS they can learn about the grades obtained in the exam. Moreover, the notification comes as soon as the grade is put by teachers. Such service has been operating for several years, and during this time it has become very popular among students - the subscribers number is more than 40 thousand people.
India: Reducing school costs.
In India also exists a system of Internet - school record book. The company-developer of this system uses the mass mailings technology via Internet and SMS-message. Thus, the administration of Indian schools can almost immediately inform parents about the events of child’s school life. "It is wonderful to receive daily information about the progress of the child. Now we always know whether he is in class or not. I hope that with the lapse of time the system also will be implemented at the university to make parent know what their child do" – said the parent of one of our pupils that uses this program.
School tutors believe that the sms-service will be a good method to control students. "Nowadays, we take notice that the children deceive parents, saying they go to school, but at that time they go to friends whose parents are at work, watching porn sites or mixing with friends or girlfriends. This service will help us to monitor this, and also exclude the mediating role of children in communication between parents and teachers " – said Rupa Murghai, the tutor of Naval Public School.
Besides the ability to interact constantly with parents schools in India thanks to system implementation received and time and material benefits too. Dramatically reduced the paper documents workflow on student progress and their attendance to the classes, as well as costs for telecommunications reduced on 50%.
Latvia: Financial stimulation for parents to educate children.
In Latvia, the project of pupil’s sms school record book obtained the name "E-class”. There are also its own national characteristics. In Latvia, the parents of poor pupils pay for services more than others, because payment depends on the number of incoming messages. That is the more remarks on behaviour the child receive, the more payment have to be made by his parents.
Croatia: State program.
In Croatia, the project of sms school record book became public. It is started with the full support and funding of the Ministry of Education of Croatia, and soon all the schools in the country will pass into a system of SMS-notification of parents about the child’s progress. At present, the system operates in more than a hundred schools in Croatia.
Korea: Feedback with the teachers via sms.
Starting from the next school year, parents of rural school children without fail will be notified about the progress of their children. Such Resolution was made by Seoul Department of Education. This program involves two-way communication, that is particularly concerned about the fate of their child parents will be able to communicate with teachers with the help of the service of short and multimedia messages.
Singapore: Compulsory explain of coming late to school.
In Singapore, the electronic system monitors the pupils’ shirking. And, when receiving the notification of the child’s shirking, parents must choose one of four pre-programmed answers, or explain the absence of the child at school as reasonable excuse, or to inform about their ignorance.
We have tried to collect the best world practice on electronic school record book, to generalize it and adapt to the Ukrainian education in the system SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary).