At the moment you can fully profit the following capabilities of the system SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary):

·         accumulation, search and looking trough the  information about pupils, their grades, attendance, classes timetables, homework, etc;

·         birthday reminders of pupils and school staff;

·         formation of a personal distribution schedule of the information to a particular parent, the automatic;

·         messages sending to interested parents via sms or e-mail in accordance with the set schedule;

·         the arbitrary nature massages sending to all parents / to parents of a particular class / from the list;

·         tariffs formation and automatic costs calculation for particular parent;


After connecting to the System SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) we will offer you to use additional possibilities:


·         (if your school does not have its own site) publication on the pages of news of your school, as well as the information about classes, pupils and school staff (optional);

·         (if the site already exists) providing with an entry point into the System SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) on your site – layout on the site the field "username" and "password", that when entering the correct pair transfer the site visitor to the system.  At the same time when you click "exit" in the System SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) visitor will return to the site.

·         communication of pupils, parents, school staff on the forum.