SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) 
Electronic school record book consists of two parts:
·         Costs for functional support of the system. sending sms, information accumulation, functionality support of the system, functional development, users consulting, etc.
·         Costs of educational institution. remuneration of school staff labour, putting the data about pupils. These amounts, of course, depend on the total number of concerned parents, on requested information (only grades or also the attendance, homework, etc.), as well as on the frequency of putting the information into the system(by the fact of grades receipt, at the end of the day or at the end of the week).
Final amount you can know after tariff plan choice.
SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) will cost you no more than a good cake or going to the movies!
…but you get more benefits for your child’s future

connection to SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS school record book)  is free!