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How often do you face the fact that
parents do not come to school meetings
children, feeling the parent’s ignorance, start hectoring and shirking school?
lack of understanding among teachers, parents, children?
it is lack of mutual understanding between teachers, parents, children?
These and many other vital problems the system SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) helps to resolve

Electronic school record book / SMS school record book

SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) is a system of electronic school record book of schoolchildren, specially designed to make life easier for teachers, pupils and their parents.
Thanks SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) parents are actively involved into school life of their children, watching their progress, possessing a full and relevant information about events happening to them.
SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) allows teachers to inform parents in time about the child’s problems, thereby increasing attendance and overall pupils school results.
The System SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) provides educational institution with following possibilities:
1. Daily SMS-messages distribution to parents about school results of their children.
2. Efficiently to order out parents to school (they receive a message on their mobile phone immediately after sending)
3. Massages to pupils about their homework (there is no more type of situation “I was not at school " or I was not or "I wrote down the wrong homework")
4. Informing the pupils and their parents about upcoming school events.
5. Invitation for excursions, trips to the theatre, etc.
6. Prompt response to pupils non-attendance (the possibility to require parents control for the attendance of their children)
7. Informing parents and children about the upcoming exams and tests.
8. Sending information about training courses for first-graders
9. Lessons timetable
10. Many other things
Throughout the world, the use of such systems has become the norm and proved its effectiveness. After connecting the school to such service pupils’ school results are improved qualitatively, and attendance to lessons increases in 1,5 times.