General information

General information about the system
SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary)
Daily Your child spends 50% of his time at school,
At classes, at out-of-school activities, at optional classes, children's playground - everywhere events happen to him that parents worried about their child should know. But today, in most families both the father and mother worke from early morning till late evening. They are unable to devote sufficient time to communicate with the child, learn about his school results and help to overcome setbacks caused by their tight schedule. And even more they are unable to come to school for parent meeting, to talk with teachers in the early evening
You can learn more by SMS, E-mail or Internet.
System SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) will help parents to keep informed about school matters of the child, to control his progress, attendance, to receive notifications about upcoming exams, to learn about school events, excursions and much more.
An additional advantage is that all this information you can get instantly to your mobile phone via sms and / or computer by E-mail. Or, you can just go under your login to the site of the systems SCHOOLINFO at any time convenient for you.
Just Imagine ...
How nice it would be…
• ... to know how grows your child what (and who) has the greatest influence on him, and, thus, to build your relationship on mutual understanding and assistance to each other?
• ... to give him advice when it’s mostly needed, possessing the real information about the child’s interests?
What would be happy father ...
• ... if he kept up timely the school results of his child, cultural life, sports, contests and competitions?
• ... if he was informed in time about upcoming examinations and written tests of his child, giving him enough time to plan his actions and to control?
• ... if he always knew about the child’s attendance to the classes and his discipline at classes?
What would be happy mother ...
·         ... if she had immediately reported that her child had not come on time to school?
• ... if she knew whether her child had had lunch today and what he had ate for lunch?
• ... if she knew exactly whether her child was going to late at school and for how much?
• ... if it was immediately informed about all incidents wherever she was at that moment?
How proud would beeverybody ...
… if the child became successfully day by day, thanks to effective involvement of parents in the educational process?
• ... when the child received better grades, won the competition, regularly improved his school results and accustomed to the system?
• ... if the child developed according to the values and aspirations of parents?
·         ... if every parent was getting better day by day, studying, understanding and assimilating all that was happening to his child?