To partners

We are ready to offer you the most favourable conditions of work with service SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) !


1. No need to buy any gsm modem, everything is fully automatic.

2. minimal labor costs

3. when agreement with the school is concluded, the school workplace and constantly presence are not required.

4. does not require your initial financial costs. You will settle with us after you get money on your accounts.

5. you are able to set different tariffs for each city separately. System of tariffs of several phones, e-mail messages.

6. each parent also apart of SMS recieves E-mail messages.

7. system automatically generates SMS, E-mail messages and sends them.

8. the speed of email delivery is 8880sms/per minute (for comparison gsm modem achieves a maximum speed of 15 sms/per minute)

9. school timetable

10. Each parent receives a personal login and password to access the site, where there is:


-          drades history of his child during the year;

-          sorting the grades on subjects or period  matter;

-          pupils rating relating to the class or school for all subjects or selectively;

-          classes timetable (optional, if school administration decides)/

Call us, the capabilities of our system far more extensive than in any other similar programs or services 

If you from another country - please contact us.



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