For pupils

Well, if you are on this page, probably you know what the system SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) is and you look for its usage benefits And they are, you're right. But firstly I would like to tell you one interesting story.
One interesting story.
I would like to introduce you one of my friends. Andrew is a regular pupil of the 10th grade of the ordinary Ukrainian school. But he has one feature - it has been 10 years (since the first time he went to school) he tries to find an effective way to defeat with poors. You probably think that everything is very simple - prepare for lessons, teach your homework and you'll get everything...! However Andryukha wouldn’t have been Andryukha, if he had chosen such a "easy" way. But everything should be in order.
In the beginning of his school way, Andrew has noticed that the part of his troubles start after the mother (or father) take  his school record book. The take, read, and as a result there is no playing in the yard. Or moreover force him for a whole hour to do a dictation, or to correct mistakes. And just at that time firstly Andryukha thought what could he do to exclude the possibility to read his school record book. He got spilling ink on the remark on his behaviour, as though the ink leaked. First time it took for, secondly too. But when on the third week next remarks were "accidentally" splashed with ink, a teacher found a way to bring to parents about the ink playing dirty. After the house arrest for whole month, Andrew realized that "the ink sea" is not the best way to struggle for academic progress.
Next method, invented by Andrew, was replacing the pages in the school record book. But in this case he faced big difficulties too. Dismantled pages of his school record book stubbornly refused to become a solid "structure", and after Andryukha was caught hot on the heels by his mother, and was exposured and closed in the walls of his native home.
Gradually, Andrew concluded that the most effective way to struggle for academic progress was the appearance of a pair of "twin-school record book”, one of which was intended for the parents (all pages of the school record book was colourful shown with good grades and  praises), and another one is  respectively for teachers who wanted to leave a bad mark in Andryukhin’s school record book. And everything was fine until Andryukha confused school record books and showed the "teacher’s" school record book to the father. It is not difficult to imagine what has happened!
In short, , development researches would have continued if once at their school the system SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) had implemented. Initially Andryukha was in shock. Reason by yourself - an electronic system sends a message to the rigorously specified number. No one can be alarmed be "double school record book".
About two months after we discussed this problem with Andrew again and he told me, that his struggle for the school results is not just complicated, but  in the the most incredible way stopped.
"Imagine - Andryukha told me - I received a poor grade. What I did before? Right, I was searching for ways that parents dsd not know about it. I wiped, I spilled the ink, was tearing pages. But then parents knew it, and I had problems. And now even it is unnecessary to know how to hide it.  In any case,  they find out it the same day. But I have time to prepare for their coming from the work. I prepare a delicious dinner or clean the apartment. An it pleases them and they don’t want to scold for poor marks (they cooled down for the whole day). And the most interesting that when parents know about my marks, they even less worry."
Probably you should think about it? How much punishment you can avoid if you don’t try to escape the truth from your parents (which in any case becomes obvious) and through SCHOOLINFO (Electronic Diary / SMS Diary) to inform them about all difficulties and success in studying, sport achievements and other events occurred at school. How it’s nice when parents may be proud of you!